Friday, January 27, 2012

The old Tubs...

I know I'm not speaking for all of you by saying that I like Ryan Tubridy.

Now, don't be misguided by his utterly stiff presentation of the Late Late Show. After all, the show's old-fashioned concept is as ancient as the bible (and the majority of it's audience). While hosting the Late Late poor Tubs probably has to face many RTE restrictions that cramp his style.
The weekend newspapers usually slag the tall fellow for either not being sharp enough and avoiding any controversy, or on the contrary, of not intervening if his guests go too far (Like last april, when one of his guests kept calling Kate Middleton a "ride").

His weekday morning show on RTE 2fm from 9 to 11 on the other hand is really listenable. With Tubs being given the chance to speak his mind, he turns out to be pretty funny and entertaining.
The range of topics talked about is almost endless. You could end up listening to a professional rugby player talking about how his eyeball burst in a freak accident, a woman about talking someone out of jumping off a bridge, or simply discuss what to do with your wedding ring after your marriage went pear-shaped. And all of that in one morning!

I know,that's a lot to take in. However, most listeners calling the show would be mothers (Who else would have time in the mornings apart from civil servants obviously). So, a lot of the time parenting issues would also be discussed.

Having read that article you should definitely give him a chance, the old Tubs... Don't you think?

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