Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to my world :-)

Job done! I just created my first blog and would like to tell you about my life as a German mother who has come to live and work (?)in Ireland.

My name is Julia and in August 2010 my then 4 month old daughter Aviva, my partner Sam and I swapped life in Germany for a more promising future in the South of Dublin.(More promising because Sam had to get his qualification as a key to any job that is).

We soon found that life in a recession-ridden country is even tougher than expected (and I'm a pretty realistic person) and we don't know how long we're going to be able to afford life over here. For the time being though, I would like to share my thoughts on bringing up a child in Ireland. With the Irish being such warm and lovely people, yet it's hard to make friends with them and Irish Society being so different to Germany, I hopefully will have plenty to write about.

Originally I aimed at keeping this blog bilingual. However, for some reason I find it easier to express my thoughts in English. Isn't that weird?


  1. Ja das ist echt seltsam, aber ich finds gut -denn ich muss Englisch lernen :)

  2. Hi Julia!
    I am just after finding out about your blog and CAN'T WAIT to read each single post! Me and my husband lived in Co. Limerick since 2006 and have moved to Co. Offaly a few weeks ago. Our daughter was born in Limerick in 2009.